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A support page for peeps living with Bipolar Disorder, Brain fog, Anxiety & Depression by a Melbourne gal who has been battling these demons for 40 years. The more we talk about our "invisible" struggles, the more the stigmas will lift. They have to…………….. don't they? PLEASE SHARE MY BLOG, ADD YOUR COMMENTS & TELL US YOUR STORY..

Chapter 1. HELLO WORLD!

Have you ever had a nagging feeling at the back of your mind .. you know, the one that says oh so quietly “I need more”? Not the voice that … Continue reading

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15. The Pinball Machine

Anxiety is biting once again and I am overwhelmed. The bitch takes out chunks. I’m striving to be more than I am. Not perfect.. but ideal. I struggle to be … Continue reading

September 7, 2015 · 2 Comments

14. A Snapshot of My Mind

With much difficulty, I sit at my dining table striving to write a blog entry. Little ideas crop up but nothing seems to anchor itself to the walls of my … Continue reading

August 19, 2015 · Leave a comment

13. Brain farts & verbal diahorrea

So, I’ve chatted to you guys about the emotional effects of the bad halo and touched a little on the physical symptoms. But how about one of the more basic … Continue reading

August 9, 2015 · Leave a comment

12. The art of just being

After an emotionally trying weekend I’m now riding the down slope of the rollercoaster. It all started with stress that I didn’t release. Now the anxiety has taken it’s chunk … Continue reading

July 21, 2015 · 2 Comments

11. Never stop learning

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. I’ve been dealing with some “life stuff”. You know the drill! Sometimes everything is just too hard. I fucking hate dealing with impaired … Continue reading

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10. Uncomfortably Numb

My mind and I are wrestling today. I wanted to chat to you guys about a few different things, but this brain of mine will have none of it. It … Continue reading

June 11, 2015 · Leave a comment

9. Dare to be different

My brain is frustrating. It usually doesn’t function the way that I want it to. Simple tasks can take extreme effort. Difficult tasks can be downright impossible. Sometimes I feel … Continue reading

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8. Apples and Oranges

I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago. She’s an arty gal by nature and is the most talented person I know. She’s a creator: always drawing … Continue reading

May 21, 2015 · 2 Comments

7. Parenthood, chores & other swear-words

My family is a blended one in every sense of the word. We’re a mixture of blood-siblings and step-siblings; of kids with an interstate father and a child with 50:50 … Continue reading

May 18, 2015 · 5 Comments

6. Clouds

Just a quickie today… I definitely have the *CBFs! It’s almost 2pm and I still feel like I could crawl back into bed for a snooze. But I have too … Continue reading

May 8, 2015 · 2 Comments

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